The Origin of Roulette Gambling


The first casino game that comes to people’s minds is roulette. Being one of the last table games in winbox casino history, its reputation does not end in attracting the attention of gamblers around the world. With the advancement of the roulette software, playing live roulette with real dealers or virtual RNG roulette it is inevitable that these games will also be offered to online players with the ability to choose to play roulette. However to fully understand the growth in which the gambler developed roulette must first understand how the history of the game of roulette existed.

The theory of playing games while turning the wheel is not the first situation because it is played from ancient cultures throughout the continent. These games eventually expanded using migration and economy which brought about increased correlation between players of equal games. England introduced advanced games such as wheel-based Roly Poly, that was the trigger. But the same roulette wheel we know today was created by a French citizen named Pascal since the 18th century. This mathematician spent most of his life trying to create a way in which a wheel could turn on its own axis without requiring constant human action. The development of modern plans for a new gambling game, namely the game of roulette as we know it today is the creation of Pascal without him knowing it. The history of the game of roulette also helps us that the name roulette was given to the game because it is the French translation of the little wheel in motion. Although the roulette gambling method as we know it today was not introduced until much later, roulette has gained immense popularity almost over a day.

In exclusive places such as gambling houses, managed to attract the attention of various sultans and leaders such as Prince Charles of Monaco. However, the game of roulette has not developed as much in other European countries as in France. The development of gambling behavior that is carried out in playing roulette is proof of it. Therefore countries like England started to ban gambling and roulette was no longer allowed in England since the 18th century. Therefore anyone who wants to gamble roulette, France is the preferred place to do it during this century. The history of roulette gambling also tells us that for the wheel there are only twenty pockets marked with the letter E and another twenty pockets symbolized by the letter O (representing Even numbers and Odd numbers), that is the first version of roulette using the EO wheel where there are four twenty bags. With the passage of time, the French became aware of the growing problems in gambling and stemmed the gambling houses introduced by Prince Charles in the 19th century. Two French brothers made sure to bring this popular and valuable table game to a country where gambling was still allowed namely Germany at this point. Different compared to the old version there they decided to maximize a slightly different way in which to play roulette with the introduction of the number zero as the house advantage and give more competition to the game. Therefore, this is a concept that is still applied today in versions of roulette such as European roulette which is still played today.

In the 19th century, the key position in human history was migration. People who chose a way out to a new land caused Europeans to wander and move to the United States. While gambling is a sensitive subject in most European countries including Germany at this time, there was no choice but to try and preserve a game like roulette in a place like Monte Carlo, one of the few remaining safe places. It was here that the French brother Blanc decided to start a new theory about the gambling house and built the first casino in the history of the game of roulette. French Roulette game is a new form and start of roulette game. Still using the same single zero roulette game as European roulette, players began to feel the pressure of competition between the players and the casino, and felt it was unfair. The law of La Partage is an additional feature of French roulette. This means that when a player places an even bet and the ball in the roulette wheel lands on zero, the player only loses half of their bet. In French roulette, this set of roulette game rules still applies. United States Roulette is growing rapidly with their own version among other parts of the world.

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